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Teach you to choose the right fitness equipment

Sports and fitness have now become a part of fashion life, but contrary to expectations, the investigation and study on sports injuries of fitness groups found that it is not uncommon for fitness to be anti-injury due to improper exercise. Many people feel that why is it always me?

In the face of a wide range of fitness equipment, the experts recommend that outdoor fitness equipment is the best, according to their age and physical condition, reasonable choice of fitness equipment.
Functional fitness equipment: suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, with the purpose of fitness and longevity. The body is strong, you can use treadmills and exercise bikes and flying marks, etc.; the body is not good, you can choose a variety of massagers, there is a kind of magic swing fitness machine on the market is especially suitable for such people.
Bodybuilding fitness equipment: suitable for women, such as small dumbbells of three or four pounds, abdomen, fitness turntables, gymnastics mats and other small supplies, as well as some small magnetic therapy machines and massagers that can help the blood The effect of fitness weight loss.
Casual fitness equipment: office workers are more prone to fatigue, and can be refreshed by fitness, and can use climbing equipment, exercise bikes, rowing machines, etc.
Growing fitness equipment: Adolescents' fitness weight loss emphasizes comprehensiveness and scientificity. All kinds of back-up brackets, pullers, dumbbells, grips, etc. are suitable for teenagers.
Comprehensive fitness equipment: There is a multi-functional comprehensive fitness machine in the home, which integrates running, boating, cycling and mountain climbing, suitable for both men and women. Buying a fitness device does not require greed for the ocean, as long as it works quickly, is suitable for you, the price is reasonable, small is no problem, not to buy an imported brand.