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Spinning bike

When it comes to fitness, you will think of the gym. If you exercise in the gym, there is a device that you have to say. You may have guessed it, that is, spinning. In many gyms, you can see a kind of sports equipment that looks like a bicycle. The design of this spinning bicycle is very user-friendly. It can be fine-tuned according to each person's own characteristics, including the handlebars and the car. Seat, ankle, resistance. The safety foot cover is always fixed on the seesaw and the safety factor is absolutely safe. Spinning has its own music arrangement, follows the beat of dynamic music, adjusts the size of the resistance, and under the guidance of the coach, from simple to complex, all the muscles including the arms, abdomen and chest are doing work. According to the coach, Spinning is very significant for improving heart and lung function. It burns a lot of fat per hour on average. A 45-minute Spinning class burns 400 to 500 calories, which is equivalent to one and a half hours of long-distance running. For the buttocks and thighs, it also has a good shaping effect.

Many of the classes are white-collar workers in the office building. The reasons for participating in the Spinning course are also different, some are because of the usual work pressure to vent; some because they want to lose weight, and the effect of Spinning is the most ideal; some foreigners, often in this country in their own country. In the foreign section, the Spin-ning class is 60 minutes, but since the country has just started, it is still scheduled for 45 minutes.

After a class, although I got over, the whole clothes were soaked. The original feeling of sweating is very comfortable and very happy. In my opinion, Spinning has a very special place, it is very exciting. Exercise is very boring, although on the treadmill, both eyes can watch the TV screen or listen to music, but after twenty or thirty minutes, even if you still have the strength to run, sometimes because of burnout and do not want to stick to it. But Spinning is different. In the fast pace, when you ride for half an hour, you will feel more and more powerful, and consume calories and burn fat in a pleasant atmosphere.